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Festival of Bolivian Film

In association with the Anglo Bolivian Society

12 Noon: Mina Alaska (Dir. Jorge Ruiz, 1968) 84mins.

Our first film honoured Jorge Ruiz, one of the pioneers of the Bolivian film industry. Probably most famous for his documentary Vuelve Sebastiana, Ruiz is considered the father of indigenous Andean cinema, and has won international acclaim for his work.

Mina Alaska (Alaska Mine) tells the story of Jenny Smith, a young American journalist searching for her long-lost grandfather in the mountains of Bolivia. When she finds her grandfather’s one-time partner and fellow gold-prospector, Rodrigo Diaz, he gives her answers that she didn’t expect.

3pm: Cocalero (Dir. Alejandro Landes, 2007) 94mins

A lively story about geopolitics, popular movements and indigenous culture, Cocalero follows Evo Morales during his 2005 campaign for the Bolivian presidency.

6.30pm: Los Andes no Creen en Dios (Dir. Antonio Eguino, 2007) 105mins

Set in Uyuni in the early 1920s, Los Andes No Creen en Dios (The Andes don’t believe in God) paints a stark picture of life in a small mining village in Bolivia at the beginning of the 20th century, as the lives of five characters interweave in a whirlwind of passion and adversity. (This film is not suitable for the under 15s)

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