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Bolivian Carnival BINGO night

Sun 27Feb2022

From: 7:00pm

At - Online via Zoom

Bolivian Carnivals BINGO night!

Sunday 27th February 2022 ~ 7:00pm


Each year on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, the city of Oruro comes alive hosting the "Carnaval de Oruro'' to the local townsfolk and nearly a million visitors. The Oruro Carnival is more and more famous every year, especially since UNESCO declared it a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2001.

However, Oruro is not the only city in Bolivia rich with spectacular folk dances, extravagant costumes and lively music. All Bolivian regions have amazing dances and costumes, so in this online Bingo Game (via Zoom) we are going to celebrate all the wonderful dances and colourful traditions of Bolivia.

TICKETS £5 per bingo card. Buy as many as you want! There will be fantastic prizes to win on the night! Bingo cards and instructions on how to play on the night will be sent via email once you purchased your tickets.


(In order to get the event ready for the evening we will stop the sale of tickets on Sunday 12.00pm)


- Care homes for elderly people in Beni & Oruro -
- A canteen & day care for poor children in Cochabamba & La Paz -
- Vocational training for disadvantaged teens in Santa Cruz -
- Residential care for children with special needs in Tarija -

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