Upcoming Events

Fri 27Oct2017

Double Event: Dr. Eduardo Machicado's talk on the archaeology of eastern Bolivia & a Meet-up with the 2017 Chevening Scholars.

Dr. Eduardo Machicado's talk on the archaeology of eastern Bolivia followed by a Meet-up with the 2017 Chevening Scholars.

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Past Events


Thu 07Sep2017

UK premiere: Dark Skull

Open City Documentary Festival: Dark Skull - UK Premiere

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Wed 06Sep2017

Bolivian Space Agency - a new technological era

A talk by Chevening scholar Paola Escobari on the Bolivian Space Agency

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Sun 28May2017

Bolivian Mother's Day - Salteñada

Join us as we celebrate Bolivian Mother's Day with a party and salteñas

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Sat 04Mar2017

Friends of Bolivia's Carnival Fiesta 2017

Our most awaited event of the year... Carnival Fiesta 2017. Come and celebrate Bolivian carnival in the heart of London.

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Fri 03Mar2017
Sat 25Mar2017

Decolonising witchcraft: Portraits of traditional healers in Bolivia

Decolonising witchcraft - Portraits of traditional healers in Bolivia

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Tue 06Dec2016

ALAF - A Light to the World A Christmas Carol Service

Christmas Carol Service organised by The Anglo Latin American Foundation for the Children of Latin America

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Sat 26Nov2016

Pachamama - Climate change and the Kallawayas of Bolivia

The human story of CLIMATE CHANGE - as told by the Kallawaya indigenous community in the Bolivian Andes.

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Sat 22Oct2016

Revisitando la Historia de Bolivia (a Bolivian History talk in Spanish)

Mariana Swann's talk (in Spanish) on Saturday 22 October looks at the history of Bolivia from the earliest times to Independence in 1825.

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Fri 21Oct2016

Meet Bolivian Chevening Scholars - 2016

Bolivian Chevening Scholars Meet-up” + “Burguesia Chola” update by Dr. Kate Maclean following a summer research trip to Bolivia

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Sun 25Sep2016

Friends of Bolivia - Family BBQ

Come and join us for a family BBQ at St. Mark’s Church Hall

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Sat 20Aug2016

Bolivian film: The Day Silence Died

Italian-Bolivian director Paolo Agazzi spins this deft, witty fable about rural life in Bolivia.

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Sun 29May2016

Mother's Day Salteñada

Come and celebrate Bolivian Mother's Day

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Sat 06Feb2016

Friends of Bolivia's Annual Carnival Fiesta

Join us for an evening of traditional music and dance, delicious food and drink and celebrate carnival 2016 Bolivian style!

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